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Brewery Gift Shop is unofficial online store for Staropramen Brewery, Bráník, Ostravar and Pardubice Brewery. We provide top quality beer glasses, Staropramen signs, Staropramen accessories, gift boxes and other merchandise for beer lovers around the worldWe make sure that you will find your perfect gift.

Special Offer

  • Staropramen Mug 0,5l Sale
    Staropramen Mug 0,5l
    In Stock

    Large beer Mug with handle, created for perfect beer experience. 

    Originally: 199 CZK
    You save: up to 489 CZK (–58 %)

    from 80 CZK
  • foukačka1 Sale
    Staropramen Beer Tasting Glass 0,2l
    In Stock (> 5 pcs)

    Hand made crystal tasting glass 0,2l. Smaller version of historical glass 0,4l. Size is perfect for beer tastings.

    Originally: 299 CZK
    You save: 99 CZK (–33 %)

    200 CZK
  • Staropramen Bottle Box Sale
    Staropramen Bottle Box
    In Stock (> 5 pcs)

    Exclusive gift box with 4 lager beers of 0,33l bottles. 

    • Premium Lager 5% alc.
    • Unfiltered Lager 5 % alc.
    • Granát 4,7% alc.
    • Dark 4,4% alc.
    • N/A 0,5% alc.


    NOTE: Max order for one shipping is 4 boxes.

    Originally: 199 CZK
    You save: up to 30 CZK (–15 %)

    from 169 CZK
  • Sklenice 0,5:0,3 Sale
    Staropramen Tumbler 0,3l
    In Stock (4 pcs)

    Exclusive Staropramen tumbler.

    Originally: 109 CZK
    You save: up to 304 CZK (–46 %)

    from 70 CZK
  • foukačka2 Sale
    Staropramen Crystal glass 0,4l (replica 1930s)
    In Stock (> 5 pcs)

    Hand made Staropramen crystal glass inspired with historical glass from 1930s. 

    Originally: 299 CZK
    You save: 99 CZK (–33 %)

    200 CZK
  • Staropramen Cap Sale
    Staropramen Cap
    In Stock (> 5 pcs)

    Staropramen Cap with adjustable band for all sizes.

    Originally: 289 CZK
    You save: 70 CZK (–24 %)

    219 CZK
  • Beerhood tričko pánské Sale
    Beerhood T-Shirt
    In Stock (5 pcs)

    New beer culture brand design beer fans around the world. This amazing T-shirt is perfect If you are looking for something cool to wear to the Pub, Bar or BBQ with friends

    450 CZK
  • suvoš Sale
    Staropramen T-Shirt with Prague Castle
    In Stock (1 pcs)

    Men's T-shirt, Staropramen design with Prague castle panorama.

    Originally: 365 CZK
    You save: 116 CZK (–32 %)

    249 CZK
  • Otvírák BH přívěšek Sale
    Bottle opener Beerhood keychain
    In Stock (> 5 pcs)

    Beer Hood signature souvenir key chain bootle opener, ready to open every beer bottle.

    79 CZK


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